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StreetGames and Centregreat Ensure Young People are ‘Fit & Fed’ in Splott

Through its corporate engagement work, Camarilla has facilitated a new partnership between StreetGames and Centregreat, one of Wales’ leading engineering and construction companies.

Thanks to Centregreat’s financial contribution, young people in Splott, in Cardiff, were supported over the Summer holidays through the StreetGames Fit and Fed programme. This aims to keep young people active and fed during the school holidays when free school meals are not available.

The activity was undertaken at the Splott BetterSTAR Hub, and thanks to Centregreat’s intervention the team on the ground delivering Fit and Fed tried something new.

Due to the Hub also having a library on-site, the sessions were called “Fit, Fed and Read”! (a first in Wales!)

The StreetGames team and its partners turned things around very quickly and put in place a number of opportunities that made the Fit and Fed programme hugely successful. The approach undertaken included:

  • The Fit and Fed initiative being run in collaboration with local rugby/football clubs, community clubs, karate clubs and a local volunteering charity amongst others, so the Centregreat name reached maximum community exposure
  • In excess of 30 participants per session ranging in age from 8 to 25.
  • Some of the older young people actively volunteering, therefore helping them look for employment
  • Asking the older/retired visitors to the hub, who may be suffering from social isolation, to get involved, giving them a sense of “community spirit and belonging”
  • Increasing the reading knowledge/ability of the participants

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