The Future’s Bright…The Future’s Electric!

A ban on selling new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars has been brought forward by the UK Government from 2040 to 2035, the Scottish Government aims to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2032, and the Welsh Government has made a Climate Emergency Declaration. What does all this mean? It means the future of private mobility has been mapped out for us, change is coming, and that change is Electric!

It is against this backdrop that Camarilla is supporting Electrica.Live across the UK with political engagement and media relations.

Electrica.Live has been created to:

  • provide a platform to inform the public, business leaders and politicians on what the EV future looks like
  • analyse and discuss how we accelerate our electric future, what are the barriers that need to be overcome, what changes need to be made within society to reach our goals and how we change perceptions
  • promote the technology and organisations helping to make our electric future possible
  • celebrate the successes the EV sector achieves along the way
  • promote the new electric life-style – e leisure – and explore the infrastructure and services that will guide us

Over the coming months and years, Electrica.Live will be engaging directly with the public, business community and political world across the UK and Europe.

It will be creating events that showcase the latest technology, and importantly, with partners who are experts in their field, discuss:

  • what needs to happen in terms of green energy production – wind and solar
  • infrastructure development – roadside fast charging & street charging; workplace and retail park charging
  • town and city planning – exploring expanded and integrated cycle lanes for e-commuting; home charging
  • how municipal authorities will be embarking on new clean energy solutions to the daily service industries that we rely upon
  • how commuting and travel will be transformed
  • the exciting world of e leisure and the life-style changes and opportunities that it brings
  • the growth of e motorsports from two wheels to four, from scooter racing to drone racing
  • the rapid growth potential of the marine and aeronautical/aerospace sectors

The debate is not only about private cars. For real change to happen, Electrica.Live will be providing a platform for discussions on:

  • bikes and scooters
  • taxis
  • buses and fleets of vehicles
  • last mile automated delivery
  • the aviation and marine sectors

It will be working with partners to ensure all areas of our EV future are discussed, analysed and mapped out. It hopes to take the public, Local Authorities and central and devolved government on a journey that will result in positive change for society, both environmental and socio-economic with the creation of new job opportunities and investment in new technology.

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